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Tips for Meditation

I just wanted to share this with everyone.

Everyone has problems with thoughts. In our super info-sized world its hard not to. A good way to help with this is by lighting a candle, and while you are breathing, watch the flame and just focus your thoughts on the flame, kind of envelope the essense of it, its warmth, its comfort. If you dont like fire, not a problem, this can work with water too. You can gaze into a bowl of water (see the hint of stereotypes comming through now?) but it works. Water is a real comfort for me. I usually end up meditating in the shower, as funny as that sounds. I just focus on the water that is falling on me. Music is good too. Some have said that you shouldnt meditate laying down, because you end up falling asleep. But This might be good practice too, if you get into the habit, it's a relaxation technique to help you wind down and fall asleep. I've had occations where i get messages right before i drift off to sleep, or sometimes i fall asleep into a vision and end up waking right after. Another method to help get rid of those pesky thoughts is to visualize a comfort place. Mine is in the middle of this lush forrest with the sun streaming down through the trees. If you focus on that one place of yours then you cannot allow other thoughts to get in the way to distract you from fully trying to picture it. Remember praying is for you to talk and meditation is a way for you to listen. Hope this helps :)
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