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I've been searching

I've looked for a long time for a community that I can talk about my experiences in, and I hope that this is the one. 

I was raised in a Christian home, and I believe is Jesus as God's son.  But I am possibely the most open minded person I know.  I consider all things possible, and anyone who has seen what I have would probably feel the same.  

I've always felt like there was something around me, just out of reach.  Some sort of magick or higher power.  Even as a little kid.  I lived most of my life brushing it off when im around people, and trying to 'touch' it when Im alone and can try.  

Recently, I met a girl, Mel, who is a gypsy witch (in so much as she has gypsy blood).  Since I've always been interested in magick I was eger to ask her questions.  Eventually, she decided to let me feel magick for myself.  She had traped a hostile spirit in a stone, and let me feel the energy of it.  My body absorbed the radiating energy easier than she thought, and she siphoned most of it away from me.  Then she let her energy flow through me, and I let it flow in and back out.  

The next day I started feeling strange things. I told her about it, and she told me to use my energy on her (just a slight push against her hand).  She said that she had unintentionaly unlocked my energy with the flows of energy the night before. 

Thats how all this started. 

Now there are 8 spirits that 'call me home' so to speak.  Vincent, Archemet, Orin, Shadus, Dark, Braith, Ciara, and Zarina. I talk more about them on my profile.  
I just hope that I can share my experiences here.

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Eight is a conflict of interest. I never got that.
How so? There is still me, which makes nine, so I always end up with the final decition on my own actions, unless I give them liberty to act through me. That still doesnt happen unless i'm keeping a close watch on 'myself'.
Thats the other thing, I don't see why a spirit would go into a body it can't control. Are there a lack of weak minds or an abundance of weak spirits?

I would rather be the majority of a person than to be one part in a generally dictorial process. I just don't see why they wouldn't wait for a better host.
3 had no choice in the matter. Braith, Ciara, and Zarina became attached due to a mishap of my own. Vincent is like a guide and has been attached to me since i've been alive. Orin comes and goes, since hes from higher planes anyway, but he is in essence, courage. Ark is an old spirit that was a world traveler in life and is inspiration and creativity, and Shadus was looking for a place to rest. Dark is just a child, and decided he liked me. Hes also Shadus' son. I tell all about them on my profile, anyway.