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Just a Greeting ...

My friends call me Jadis. I'm not terribly good at introductions ... right now, I must say - I'm looking: just seeing what's out there, what's going on in the world. I've been through a very rough place and I can't seem to get out, and I guess you could say I'm looking to change things ... to find myself again. I've always had a love of things that most consider "darker" ... but as I don't like being put into a category, I can't say that I'm "dark". Right now - I'm watching - waiting to see if something speaks to me ... because I've become frustrated and I feel like nothing hears me. Anyways - as an introduction I wanted to post this little "inner thought" I had:


Candles. Fire. There's something magical about them. You can almost categorize flame as alive - a living thing. It breathes, it eats, it reproduces, it grows. The only thing that it lacks in order to be considered "alive" ... emotion, thought. It has none. I just does what it does on instinct - with no feeling of regret, no remorse, no purpose or planning. It is its own sake - a thing for itself with no ulterior meaning. The fire of a candle is that very thing ... but in a longer held state. It can burn as long as there is fuel for it to feed upon - and its light can be soothing, enchanting.

But have you noticed that candles have life spans ... and their deaths, the flame, passes in its own way. Some drown in their own wax ... buried beneath a liquid pool of its own making. Some smother for lack of air, as when one snuffs them down ... choking them until they blacken and go silent. With these they can be brought back ... you drain the excess and again the flame might live. You bring up the wick and allow it air and a flame sparks forth. Sometimes you have to work at it ... sometimes it takes another candle to ignite: but you can draw that fire back from the shadows and watch it again rise up in a light to the darkness. These are only a permanent as the person lighting them allows. It can be short or long lived: it just depends.

But there is one death that is permanent: when it burns out utterly. It uses all its got - it drains the wax down to a thin veneer. Sometimes there is a shell left - a promise of what it could burn ... but the wick is too short. But in those last moments - notice: the flame is brightest. It sparks and dances and rises higher, and twitches and fights ... like with some passion ... it becomes brilliant. The "death" doesn't come fast. Eventually the supply dwindles, the flame starts guttering - fading - going from a golden light to a strange blue note as it shrinks and declines. And then, with a sort of last puff of breath: it dies. You can try and spark it back like the other forms ... putting a match to it - but you'll find that it can't be revived. Its gone ... finished. And nothing but the possible wax shell and a bit of coating are left at the bottom to hold testament to its life.

~ Officially Jadis
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